Document scanning with OCR

  • Jan 01, 2017
Document scanning with OCR

Eliminating paper documents in the organization processes is crucial for establishing paperless company. Therefore EBA DMS puts scanning at the beginning of the document manipulation process.

EBA DMS scanning room is designed for fast and easy document capture and digitalization. Documents can be scanned in bulk separated with barcode or special stamp on fist page that allows users even faster document separation.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) process is performed on all scanned documents aiding users in two ways. One is to perform document recognition. The other is to extract all words contained in a document to later allow users advanced searching.

Document recognition allows users to teach EBA DMS to recognize structured or semi-structured documents from partners. This is called template matching. EBA DMS can automatically detect sender, document type and position of the data we wish to extract.

For example: we can learn EBA DMS to automagically recognise invoices from different vendors and extract data like invoice number, creation date, due date, invoice total amount, invoice net amount, payment reference, …

See this video for first time document scanning into EBA DMS:

Scanning documents with all the automation enables users much faster document processing and elimination of double data entering. All recognized/extracted data from documents (e.g. invoices) is used for automatic transfer to other software systems (e.g. ERP systems).

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