Document Capture

  • Jan 01, 2017
Document Capture

In todays worlds documents come from many sources, not just paper. Beside paper documents we receive come by email, from other software applications in organization (e.g. ERP, CRM, Web browser, …).

To cover all possible situations EBA DMS supports various sources for document capture.

See this video for Documents capture – Scanning and electronic receiving:

  • Capture from e-mail

EBA DMS can be connected with email accounts. This connection enables us to automatically capture documents into document management system for further processing.

  • Capture from ERP software

When EBA DMS is connected with ERP system or any other it can automatically capture documents created in connected software.

  • EBA Printer technology

EBA Printer is actually a virtual printer that users sees in its operating system. It can receive prints from any application. EBA Printer transforms any document received to PDF and capture the document into EBA DMS. This gives us the possibility to capture documents from sources that are not integrated with EBA DMS. Without the need to actually print the hardcopy of the document and then scan it just to capture it in DMS system.

See this video for Documents capture – EBA Printer:

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