Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance in EBA DMS Next

Regulatory Compliance in EBA DMS Next

Archiving within the EBA DMS (Document Management System) is purposefully designed to align with crucial regulations, ensuring that your organization’s data management practices are compliant and secure.

Here’s how archiving in EBA DMS addresses the requirements of GDPR, MoReq, and Sarbanes-Oxley Act:


Archiving in EBA DMS is engineered to respect individuals’ rights to privacy and data protection, as outlined by GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation. Personal data stored within archived documents is managed with utmost sensitivity. Retention periods are thoughtfully considered, ensuring that data is retained only as long as necessary. By adhering to GDPR guidelines, EBA DMS helps you maintain compliance while responsibly managing personal data throughout its lifecycle.


EBA DMS is built to align seamlessly with the principles set forth by MoReq - Model Requirements for the Management of Electronic Records. This means that your archived documents are managed in accordance with industry best practices for electronic records management. MoReq compliance ensures that your organization can confidently maintain and access records in a standardized and organized manner, bolstering operational efficiency.

Sarbanes-Oxley Act

EBA DMS recognizes the significance of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in financial reporting. Archiving within our system aids organizations in maintaining meticulous records as required by this legislation. The Act demands proper recordkeeping and retention for financial data. By utilizing EBA DMS for archiving, you can be assured that your financial records are securely stored and accessible for the designated retention periods.

In a landscape where regulatory compliance is paramount, archiving in EBA DMS goes beyond just storage. It signifies a commitment to ethical data management, operational excellence, and legal conformity. EBA DMS provides you with the tools to confidently navigate the complexities of GDPR, MoReq, Sarbanes-Oxley, and beyond, allowing you to focus on your core objectives while knowing that your archived documents are well-managed, secure, and aligned with the highest standards.

EBA DMS Next encompasses a suite of comprehensive document management functionalities, featuring a specialized tool known as the “electronic folder.” This innovative feature is meticulously crafted to extract and compile documents from vast archives based on specific pre-defined criteria. These meticulously compiled electronic folders find their repository in portable media, such as DVDs or USB drives. The focal point of this functionality revolves around fulfilling regulatory requisites, notably in contexts like tax audits and inspections, by seamlessly facilitating efficient document retrieval and comprehensive compliance management.


The significance of EBA DMS Next’s electronic folder functionality becomes manifest in its capacity to fortify regulatory compliance, amplify operational efficiency, and effectively mitigate the latent risks linked with non-compliance. By automating the meticulous assembly of pertinent documents, organizations are poised to be optimally equipped for audits, inspections, and other regulatory entreaties. This elevated importance becomes palpable as the feature expedites document retrieval, substantially curtails the potential for human errors, and markedly augments the credibility of information tendered to regulatory bodies.


EBA DMS Next’s electronic folder feature bestows a multitude of advantages that accentuate its worth in organizational settings:

Operational Efficiency

By obviating manual effort required for document compilation, the feature fosters operational efficiency, allowing human resources to be channeled towards more value-added tasks.


The feature’s automation reduces the likelihood of human errors in document assembly, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of information presented during regulatory processes.


The convenience of creating structured electronic folders on portable media empowers organizations to promptly respond to regulatory demands without hindrance, whether in remote audits or on-site inspections.

Space Utilization

EBA DMS Next’s digital approach mitigates the need for physical storage space, which is otherwise consumed by paper documents, translating into space and cost savings.


As organizational document volumes grow, EBA DMS Next’s scalable architecture seamlessly accommodates the expanding data repository, preserving system performance and functionality.

In summation, EBA DMS Next’s electronic folder feature constitutes a potent instrument for adept document management, efficaciously safeguarding regulatory adherence, mitigating risks, and optimizing overall operational prowess. This competence empowers organizations to adroitly amass essential documents requisite for audits and inspections, culminating in adept regulatory navigation and a superlative foundation for holistic information governance.