EBA DMS 4.1.3 released

EBA DMS 4.1.3 released

As of today, a new version of EBA DMS has been released, which we have been developing for a long time. New version marked 4.1.3. includes 234 additions and corrections and an additional over 150 corrections and additions on the web version.

You can download the version on the downloads page.

Below you can check release notes:

Id Severity Category Summary Updated
3.025 feature mobile ui User must access log via UI 09/04/2021
2.896 minor supporting New option for table feed on supporting document 09/04/2021
3.977 minor client general Documents list in supervisor stored stored filter show too many documents 08/04/2021
3.976 minor client general Document forwarded to users for "take document" allows uninvited users to "take" document 08/04/2021
3.975 minor e-forms runtime table LOV value mapping has wrong row index (currentrow - 1) 07/04/2021
3.974 feature scripts REST web service support in scripts 07/04/2021
3.973 feature firewallservice New settings for reset connections 02/04/2021
3.971 minor client general When subcompany is deleted exchange settings are still in power 01/04/2021
3.970 minor client general Client fails to detect that database connection is lost 01/04/2021
3.967 crash developer Developer Crash something to do with code completion 31/03/2021
3.969 minor mobile general various bug fixes and improvements 30/03/2021
3.968 crash scannerroom Crash in scannerroom when making a new version of a document when a document type is already selected 24/03/2021
3.775 major scripts improved script management 24/03/2021
3.966 crash scannerroom Crash when selecting document sender on incoming document in scannerroom 16/03/2021
3.758 minor mobile general proper support "forward with dialog" action on rules 15/03/2021
3.965 tweak client general make client listen in separate thread for EBA Printer 15/03/2021
3.959 minor client general exporting PDF improvements 12/03/2021
3.964 tweak client general Added simple expression function "not" mean ing boolean negation 11/03/2021
3.963 minor document rules When executing guards on action save
3.962 minor document rules Copying data to or from a connected document in rules does not properly evaluate expressions on triggers 11/03/2021
3.961 minor common default value on catalog data is not set when e-receiving document 11/03/2021
3.960 minor common generating PDF was not optimal 09/03/2021
3.958 minor viewer macos: multi-age TIFF attachment shows wrong page contents 07/03/2021
3.957 minor scannerroom Print or export report does not show images 04/03/2021
3.949 trivial ms office document plugin additional improvements 25/02/2021
3.955 major scannerroom Inconsistent connecting
3.954 crash common SFTP authentication when ssh key expires results in crash 24/02/2021
3.953 major scannerroom A doc is wrongly inserted into case and possibly archived when sent from scannerroom to users 24/02/2021
3.952 minor scannerroom When applying templates
3.951 tweak common switch from json to bson 19/02/2021
3.950 minor viewer file drag & drop pop-up menu does not perform option chosen 18/02/2021
3.948 block firewallservice on linux sooner or later consumed max resources - no connections possible after that 15/02/2021
3.947 major client general restricted supervision does not show correctly documents in folder 11/02/2021
3.945 minor scannerroom When a doc is versioned based on barcode on scannerroom and a template is applied
3.944 minor supporting When a table column type is changed from automatic to something else
3.943 tweak client general When archiving documents from doc list fails
3.942 minor common MS SQL optimizations 02/02/2021
3.941 tweak scripts Added script signal scannerroom.onBeforeSend 01/02/2021
3.940 minor ocr Field pattern character set is not respected if the pattern is globally set in settings 01/02/2021
3.938 crash COM Saving an open document throug COM multiple times in short intervals crashes 01/02/2021
3.937 minor capture When capturing a document a message is shown it was forwarded by a rule eveh though it was forwarded by user 28/01/2021
3.936 minor document rules Creation rule action "Archive document" does not work on documents created from form or template 28/01/2021
3.935 minor client general Incoming rule action "archive document" causes error when inserting document from scanner room 28/01/2021
3.934 minor firewallservice Firewall service should handle when workerservice is down 26/01/2021
3.933 minor client general Soap fails to process multipart content 25/01/2021
3.930 major client general Disconnecting a document from supporting doesn't work 20/01/2021
3.924 minor common Applying PDF background/watermark does not work properly 20/01/2021
3.929 minor client general Exchange plugin must reject merging signed pdf documents 20/01/2021
3.928 trivial e-forms runtime e-forms minor improvements 20/01/2021
3.927 major client general SQL Error and transaction fail in case of too long an audit log detail (length > 2000) for supporting change 19/01/2021
3.926 minor sql Action "Renew contextual data" fails with sql error in archive documents 19/01/2021
3.921 minor viewer clicking page thumbnail of connected/inserted document or attachment did not load page 15/01/2021
3.922 minor client general refresh current view (document list) sometimes results in spinner that never stops 15/01/2021
3.923 minor document rules Connected rules action "archive document" doesn't work when the main rule archives document 13/01/2021
3.629 minor mobile ui Add support for basic document editing 13/01/2021
3.920 minor mobile service Add option to import https certificate via command line 08/01/2021
3.919 minor webservicesservice WS Help Viewer openapi download 08/01/2021
3.918 minor messengerservice Send messages that are stuck in temp folder 08/01/2021
3.916 feature common Expand Feeder to requery if it depends on any fields 08/01/2021
3.341 minor client general Rules: in criteria add additional Sign actions 07/01/2021
3.914 feature e-forms runtime Add database feeder to form table 07/01/2021
3.915 crash COM Crash when opening the same document multiple times via COM 06/01/2021
3.714 minor supporting Remove case sensitivity in supporting query mapping db fields 06/01/2021
3.913 minor COM COM document methods exportToPdfEx and exportToPdfFileEx don't export comments 30/12/2020
3.912 minor scripts doc.ownerId returns wrong value in signal scannerroom.onDocumentSystemValueChanged 28/12/2020
3.784 major scripts Saving supporting doc changes in archive document results in sql error 28/12/2020
3.911 minor scripts When setting a value on suporting object from script the simpleexpressions don't work properly 28/12/2020
3.910 minor e-forms runtime dependency fields settings are not honored 28/12/2020
3.909 minor supporting Openening a doc from table feeder via Ctrl + doubleclick does not work 27/12/2020
3.908 minor viewer removed message when changing data on document 23/12/2020
3.907 minor msexchangeplugin generally improved and corrected error propagation 23/12/2020
3.906 minor supporting Supporting boolean field default value is not set 22/12/2020
3.905 crash client general Crash on saving changes to authorization dialog 21/12/2020
3.904 minor client general Optimize classification supervisor condition in documents query 21/12/2020
3.903 minor client general Update retention policy fails when multiple nodes are changed in classification edit 18/12/2020
3.902 crash client general Crash on rule action sign, when during rules processing any other viewer window is closed 17/12/2020
3.901 minor client general Open document from link fails for windows authentication 17/12/2020
3.899 minor scannerroom Local scanner room error 17/12/2020
3.900 crash client general PDF read error 16/12/2020
3.898 tweak client general EBA DMS client change log name and folder settings 11/12/2020
3.897 feature client general Support eml import 09/12/2020
3.896 minor scannerroom Data format in scannerroom does not work on supporting document fields 09/12/2020
3.895 feature client general New property on workplace: explicit access 08/12/2020
3.894 tweak scannerroom Order of Packages is changed: First current user's packages than other user's ordered by user name 07/12/2020
3.893 tweak document rules Added rule expression condition 04/12/2020
3.892 tweak document rules Enable permission rules to set Available forms on connect/insert/insert into newdocument from form 03/12/2020
3.891 minor scripts Creating document from word template causes memory leaks since word document is never closed 02/12/2020
3.890 crash client general Print document with html attachments crashes 02/12/2020
3.889 minor supporting When receiving electronic document and supporting fields are filled via databind
3.888 minor document rules When creating a new doc by rule based on a form tho form fields's sources are not updated 30/11/2020
3.887 minor capture When trying to make a new version based on barcode in capture dialog it does not work 07/02/2023
3.886 minor document rules When creating a new doc by rule and copy Display of a LOV into LOV it does not work 30/11/2020
3.885 tweak client general Add a possibility to copy "Partner extern id" from old version 30/11/2020
3.884 minor client general Can't make a new version from scannerroom if the old version is already in archive 30/11/2020
3.883 tweak viewer Viewer context menu actions for connecting
3.882 minor document rules Classifying a doc from a connected rule does not trigger meta data change on supportin 27/11/2020
3.881 minor document rules Setting a supp doc value db type which connects a document from a connected rule does not: 27/11/2020
3.880 minor document rules Rule connected exceptions don't work neither in administration nor in runtime 25/11/2020
3.879 minor client general Add page on document in office displays smaller page 25/11/2020
3.878 minor client general Adding annotations on linearized pdf breaks signatures 25/11/2020
3.624 minor common Duplicate primary key when taking a document from archive on multi archive db setup 20/11/2020
3.877 minor scannerroom Rotate page error 18/11/2020
3.876 crash client general Crash on creating new version of document in archive 16/11/2020
3.875 minor scripts util.trimmed script function returned string "undefined" when an undefined value was passed to it 16/11/2020
3.874 minor client general Slow transfer from scanner room under some conditions 11/11/2020
3.873 minor supporting A default value on supporitng database field does not connect document when template applied in scanner room 10/11/2020
3.872 minor COM Supporting document LOV field: display is not filled when value is set 06/11/2020
3.871 minor client general Supporting document is cleared when paraphing opened document 06/11/2020
3.870 tweak client general Tha data from compant registration form is not white space trimmed when sent to agency 05/11/2020
3.869 tweak client general When a user forwards or returns a changed doc
3.868 minor client general Viewer window action "new version from scanner" does not set direction, doctype and partner on scanned doc 05/11/2020
3.867 major document rules Rule condition "Supporting document changed" does not detect changes in boolean values (checkboxes) 05/11/2020
3.865 minor COM login methods should accept username also 30/10/2020
3.866 minor client general When exporting document data to other formats (catalogs) the decimal numbers are rounded to 2 decimal places 29/10/2020
3.864 minor COM insertDocument... method should not raise dialogs if user has no permissions for insert
3.568 feature client general Image Document Plugin 29/10/2020
3.863 minor client general A document can be returned to a user with all workplaces muted
3.862 minor client general A user being only on muted workplace 2.020
3.851 minor client general error when connecting to EBA Firewall running on linux 27/10/2020
3.861 trivial document rules in conditions additional action added "Sign (SignPad)" 27/10/2020
3.860 minor client general After a user accepts a doc from a workplace the action "Return" is not visible 27/10/2020
3.859 trivial client general Open document shows attachments in thumbnails and in viewer 27/10/2020
3.858 tweak document rules In rules the desription of condition "current user is" should show while paths no just names of user and workplaces 27/10/2020
3.857 minor document rules In rule wizard when editing condition "current user is", does not show previously checked users 27/10/2020
3.856 minor scannerroom DB Combo and DB LOV fields does not execute requery properly when SQL select statement contains expression 27/10/2020
3.855 minor ms office document plugin reject & answer: opens Word (Excell
3.854 trivial scannerroom drag & drop attachment of received document as stand-alone document 27/10/2020
3.853 minor developer on .ui form there is no components any more
3.852 crash developer when running e-form in preview developer crashes 27/10/2020
3.850 minor client general Send internal on document from form sometimes crashes 22/10/2020
3.849 minor client general Adding a barcode to a document (pdf) the calculated width and set height are switched 22/10/2020
3.848 minor document rules Guard under a rule is not executed when user action is specified on th rule 22/10/2020
3.847 crash document rules Crash when executing rule condition "supporting document change" 20/10/2020
3.846 major developer debugging script on ebaautomation does not work 16/10/2020
3.845 minor client general when administering org schema
3.844 tweak scannerroom When a document sent from scannerroom or capture dialog is forwarded by a rule or script
3.843 tweak document rules In a document rule action "forward to user with tags" add the option "Take document from it's existing users" 15/10/2020
3.842 minor document rules When editing a rule action "forward to user", the existing checks are not shown 15/10/2020
3.841 minor document rules When having two consecutive rules forwarding to users
3.840 tweak client general Write an audit trail for every rule applied on a document 15/10/2020
3.767 feature client general Rules connected conditions rework 15/10/2020
3.839 minor common check printer margins only for printing not for export - only when needed 15/10/2020
3.838 minor common limited supervision: rules exception for sender / receiver was not handled properly - resulting in SQL error in document lists 15/10/2020
3.837 major mobile ui sql error when clicking on chain icon to show connected/inserted document when using separate archive db 13/10/2020
3.836 minor client general random fascimile position when directly paraphing or signing from list or with rule (sign with cert ... with curr. usr facs.) 12/10/2020
3.835 minor client general When trying to change a form based outgoing document one gets a message only document subject .. 12/10/2020
3.834 major client general when opening document processor revs up to 100% 12/10/2020
3.833 minor client general crash when inserting document that has no supporting document definition 12/10/2020
3.832 minor client general table feeder dialog (same as LOV) does not remember size and position 12/10/2020
3.831 minor client general add seconds to audit trails 12/10/2020
3.830 minor client general when document signed with rule (sign with certificate ...) - the signature cannot be removed 12/10/2020
3.829 block viewer supporting document change (showing other doctype supp doc) when quick searching 12/10/2020
3.828 major client general organisation schema (internal send
3.826 minor client general document export file name - auto suggest file name without disallowed characters 12/10/2020
3.825 minor scannerroom additional DocType selector in scannerroom - put focus in list 12/10/2020
3.824 minor client general When inserting a document into case the user name of the inserted document is not updated 09/10/2020
3.823 minor client general Transfer documents does not work as expected 09/10/2020
3.822 minor document rules Rule wizard when editing a rule "forward to user with tag" does not show all the previously selected tag values 09/10/2020
3.821 minor ocr A minus sign is not recognized when a teplate field is applied on a negative number 09/10/2020
3.820 major supporting A default value on supporitng database field does not connect document 09/10/2020
3.819 minor document rules When initiating actions from explorer the guard messages should be shown as notificatins 09/10/2020
3.818 minor scripts Hiding of input fields in scannerroom via script does not work 09/10/2020
3.817 minor client general DB transaction is not closed(rollback) when a guard prevents send internal 09/10/2020
3.816 minor capture A template is not applied when barcode is turned on in capture 09/10/2020
3.339 feature mobile ui Extend web LOV widget 30/09/2020
3.815 crash client general Crash when sending from scannerroom a document with no supporting whatsoever and if it is classified 29/09/2020
3.608 feature common Adding additional data in PDF at signing with scannerroom certificate 29/09/2020
3.783 feature document rules Rules: add permission to register custom action 28/09/2020
3.814 minor client general Classification node name translation editing problems 25/09/2020
3.813 major client general When a document is sent from scannerroom it is corrupted by double compressing "document" field in db 25/09/2020
3.757 feature mobile general rules: permission: add support for disable/enable
3.761 feature mobile general rules: permission: possibility to restrict forwarding and access - by: tags
3.760 feature mobile general rules: permission: add support for disable/enable document actions and/or set default paraph (add to audit trail
3.812 minor supporting When supporting date field is input and focus is left in it and the doc is saved the value is reset to previous 23/09/2020
3.811 major supporting When a rule sets supporting data
3.810 minor document rules when with document rule "Sign with cert ... and use users facsimile" user canceles, other rule actions are executed 22/09/2020
3.809 minor viewer On rejected documents the sign action should be disabled 22/09/2020
3.808 major document rules A guard on document executes on save even if it is for another user action 21/09/2020
3.807 minor client general After paraph a rule sends doc to archive
3.806 minor scannerroom When importing pdf into scanner room and recognizig barcode as first page sign
3.805 minor sql Sql error with stored fiter 21/09/2020
3.804 tweak document rules Add condition "Paraphed by current user" to document rules 18/09/2020
3.803 major client general Classifying to a classification with default nubering expression does not work 18/09/2020
3.802 major sql Sql error when disconnectiong a document from within viewer window 16/09/2020
3.801 minor client general Expression evaluator fails to evaluate "$SUPPORTING_FIELD_ID" 16/09/2020
3.800 minor scripts Broken combination of onDocumentClassified and document.saveSupportingDocument 14/09/2020
3.799 minor client general Xml format conversion (sending
3.798 tweak scannerroom In scannerroom add a possibility to read ordinary text into barcode and make new version on this basis 10/09/2020
3.795 minor client general Corrupted document field in database 10/09/2020
3.797 minor client general Format conversion does not transform catalog exports with transformations 09/09/2020
3.796 minor client general Save supporting document in signal onDocumentClassified when document is captured 08/09/2020
3.012 feature mobile ui Create custom search criteria fields 07/09/2020
3.794 minor document rules Rule actions "start doc path with current user" and "start doc auto path with current user" don't work 03/09/2020
3.793 minor client general Templates administrator for classification did not behave correctly when selecting classification nodes 03/09/2020
3.792 crash client general crash when creating new document based on e-form 02/09/2020
3.791 minor scannerroom when documents received via e-protocol
3.789 major scripts class Comment cannot be found 02/09/2020
3.788 feature scripts createDocumentFromTemplate: add new parameter to function for not to save template 01/09/2020
3.787 major messengerservice smtp: bad queue handling when new items for notification 01/09/2020
3.786 crash common send receive: crash 01/09/2020
3.785 minor scripts When inserting a document into case a script signal aplication.onBeforeDisconnectDocuments is called 25/08/2020
3.683 trivial webapi help app WebAPI documentation improvements 24/08/2020
3.706 feature generic web services help app Generic Web Services improvements 24/08/2020
3.759 major mobile general disable changing doctype and direction 24/08/2020
3.780 minor scripts application.onDocumentExternStatusChanged is not emmited when extern status is changed from explorer 31/07/2020
3.779 minor scannerroom capture/scanner: cannot get classification node in expression 30/07/2020
3.778 tweak client general viewer: supporting: table: hiding columns creates visual gap between visible columns 29/07/2020
3.777 tweak scannerroom scannerroom/capture: data entry view: supporting table: add feeders 29/07/2020
3.776 minor client general if only one classification
3.774 major common template interference with electronically received document 27/07/2020
3.773 trivial client general rules: add new condition: document has error 24/07/2020
3.772 minor scripts addressbook.synchronizeEntry - does not work
3.771 block common fix to accept old ebaplus licence. 23/07/2020
3.770 major client general when document liquidation is performed with rules action is sometimes left out of audit trails 22/07/2020
3.769 minor supporting table: hiding columns creates visual gap between visible columns 21/07/2020
3.768 tweak scanner capture: sup doc fields in "Data" pane in order fields are placed in supporting document instead of alphabetical order 21/07/2020
3.766 minor client general rules: reload on save 20/07/2020
3.764 feature common expand igorlang 16/07/2020
3.765 minor supporting support expressions on tables 16/07/2020
3.763 minor e-forms runtime when valueFormat is changed on date fields they do not work properly 16/07/2020
3.762 feature client general explorer now shows read-only supporting document in right-hand sidebar 16/07/2020
3.755 feature client general rules: permission: add support for disable/enable document actions and/or set default paraph 15/07/2020
3.756 feature client general rules: permission: possibility to restrict forwarding and access - by: tags
3.754 minor viewer changing subject or partner does not reflect in audit trails 15/07/2020
3.753 major viewer disable changing doctype and direction 15/07/2020
3.752 feature common Add classification feature: "Strict coding" 13/07/2020
3.751 feature common add support for paraph clause 13/07/2020
3.750 major scripts doc.exportToPdf function returns empty bytearray 10/07/2020
3.749 major client general time rules: concating all supporting fields in multi-company does not work properly when mixed trasnlations 09/07/2020
3.748 minor client general client: control: time rules (combobox): shows all time rules disregarding sub-company 09/07/2020
3.747 crash client general Crash when trying to delete documents in search 09/07/2020
3.746 crash client general Crash wher Ctrl-K pressed on selected documents 09/07/2020
3.743 crash supporting Table databinds crash when setting doctype in scannerroom 08/07/2020
3.742 minor developer Duplicated triggers on double click causing two dialog popups 08/07/2020
3.745 minor scannerroom performance regression in scannerroom 08/07/2020
3.744 minor sql stored filter sql error if filter is empty 08/07/2020
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