eArchPS Script project

eArchPS Script project

Contribution of our partner Grifon d.o.o., who also developed the script:

The eArchPS script project serves as an integration interface between the EBA DMS document system and the electronic archives of the Post Office of Slovenia.

The purpose of the interface is to archive documents in certified storage. Once the documents are in a certain status, they are transferred via the web service to the Slovenian Post repository with additional metadata.

A classification scheme within the EBA DMS is required for defined retention period.
The metadata for documents of type “Invoice” are already defined with the possibility of extension at the customer’s request. For other document types, they can be individually customised by the customer.

The client must agree to the application of the general conditions of secure storage of the Post Office of Slovenia, using the certificates already imported into the EBA DMS, namely the certificate of the chief administrator for the administrator and the system user for the information system.

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