Data is the lifeblood of business and deserves a world-class document system

Data is the lifeblood of business and deserves a world-class document system

Our partner company Positiva has written an article on the DMS system for the Računalniške novice magazine.

Original article is available on their website, below is translated into English.

Even if you don’t own a business or are not directly involved in data management, you are surely aware that data is the lifeblood of any business.

But only if it is properly managed, stored, analysed and synthesised. The importance of data is evidenced by the statistic that the amount of data created to date has surpassed the magical limit of a unit of measurement that many have never even heard of: the zettabyte. And who has generated the most data? Businesses. Even the smallest companies have a huge amount of data, which in the hands of a real document system is a goldmine.

But what is a document management system (DMS) anyway? Organisations, institutions and businesses rely on large amounts of information, big data and data sets to make effective business decisions, improve connectivity and better communicate with customers and partners. As a result, they need to strategically store, digitise, manage, track, retrieve and share electronic documents.

A DMS system provides an automated, unique hub for organising different types of documents. The care of Slovenian companies and their documents has been taken over by Positiva Solutions, with the EBA DMS document system.

A complete solution for the digitisation of business
EBA DMS is an advanced document system for extending digital business objectives and providing paperless business operations in companies, organisations and administrative departments. The document system can be integrated with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems including MS Dynamics NAV, Pantheon, Largo, SAP … and with Microsoft Office tools.

Document retrieval can be difficult or, in cases without a document system, impossible. Data is accumulating and companies want and need a system that allows fast, intuitive and convenient searches between documents. Processing documents with EBA DMS is extremely easy, as the software solution will always let you know where a document is located. You can search through a captured document using Full-Text Search, Combined Search or Criteria Search.

It offers a variety of sources for document capture and allows you to enter documents in different ways:

Advanced scanning with OCR – Optical Character Recognition,
EBA Printer,
receipt via different exchange protocols (IMAP, MS Exchange …),
Drag & Drop the document into the system.

EBA DMS does not only support electronic data interchange (EDI). It uses various globally established B2B protocols and XML standards to exchange documents with business partners. It allows customers to exchange legally valid digitally signed documents with visualisation.

For field workers or employees who, due to the current health pandemic, operate remotely, remote document signing is available via the EBA DMS mobile client. Mobile signing increases your company’s reach beyond the main office premises, reducing workflows. Upon receipt of a signed e-invoice, the EBA DMS document system automatically verifies the validity of the digital signature.

All data transfers are accurate, automated and comply with implemented process rules that define who can sign business documents and when. EBA DMS ensures fast and easy document processing. You can automate certain business processes, such as invoice approval, invoicing and contract signing. The EBA DMS system will also alert you in good time to overdue invoices, expired contracts and overdue employee tasks. The latter will be grateful to you, as they will get rid of the monotonous manual typing of data.

A good DMS system should be an intuitive, plug-and-go solution that, once installed, should work easily without too much human input. EBA DMS follows these guidelines and embodies the benefits of DMS document systems. It will save you from wasted resources, increase productivity and market value, and ensure business compliance.

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