In order to make better and faster contact with our licensed partners, we have refreshed and redesigned our licensed partners sub-page. We have added a form for you to contact your selected partner directly for further information, as well as a form for those interested in becoming our partner. The redesigned licensed partners sub-page is[...]

If you want to work in a creative and relaxed environment where your skills will be respected and where you will be able to build on them and strengthen your competences, let us know as soon as possible. We are looking for a person who has completed an undergraduate degree in Computer Science at the[...]

This year, we organized the 6th regular annual two-day EBA Strategic Development Conference 2021. Based on the top papers of all employees, we were able to determine how much knowledge we have in EBA. The performances of all collaborators were professional and sovereign, resulting in knowledge transfer and a learning organization. EBA SRK 2021 is[...]

As of today, a new version of EBA DMS has been released, which we have been developing for a long time. New version marked 4.1.3. includes 234 additions and corrections and an additional over 150 corrections and additions on the web version. You can download the version on the downloads page. Below you can check[...]

This year, for the second time among all economic entities, the Bisnode agency selected platinum-excellent companies - companies that, according to the new failure score model, have achieved the highest gold class AAA for at least three years in a row. The latter this year also includes EBA d.o.o., Ljubljana. In Slovenia, in 2020, out[...]

As of December 2020 EBA DMS Supports not only B2G exchange via FINA, but also B2B Exhange for Corporate Clients in Croatia. FINA also supports exchange and converts data from other providers in Croatia, such as Moj e-Račun and others. For more information, please contact us.

In accordance with the notification from the UJP that the e-SLOG 1.6 and e-SLOG 1.6.1 standards will be abolished for B2G exchange from 1 October 2020, we would like to inform you that in order to support e-SLOG 2.0 in the EBA DMS document system, you need: Install a new version of EBA DMS client[...]

The year 2019 is for our company EBA d.o.o. a very special year. In addition to moving to new business spaces, this year we are also celebrating the 15th anniversary of the company, so we prepared a small ceremony where we invited our loved ones and all those business partners who allowed us to move[...]

EBA held this year’s Strategic Development Conference in Bale, Croatia.

We would like to share the speech of our CEO Flora C. Tinauer PhD at Chamber of Comm…