About Us

EBA, Electronic Business Agency, Ltd., Ljubljana, was established to develop the infrastructure for fast, secure, easy and affordable exchange of business documents between business subjects.

Fast, secure, easy and affordable exchange of business documents enables electronic commerce, which must ensure that the documents remain valid electronically before the courts and other bodies, institutions, etc., so that additional proof by paper documents is not needed.

An expensive solution for the electronic exchange of legal documents would only be accessible to some, and thus the electronic document exchange would be ineffective.

That is why we have decided to set up an e-commerce agency through which all business subjects can exchange documents electronically equally, regardless of their size.

In order to maximize the efficiency of the electronic exchange of legal documents between business subjects, we have developed a business model in which together with strategic partners and institutions of the supporting environment we provide the necessary infrastructure for electronic business.

Our solution enables integration into all business information systems, thus eliminating the need to transcribe business documents (such as an invoice) into business records in addition to the electronic exchange of up-to-date documents.

In addition to electronic document exchange, our solution also enables scanning of paper documents, automation of filing and logging of received and issued mail, support for workflow of documents, centralized control over documents and complete electronic storage of all business documents in the company.

Our business model is based on technological solutions that meet the requirements of:

  • The Electronic Commerce and Electronic Signature Act,
  • The Law on the Protection of Documentary and Archival Materials and Archives,
  • Tax office criteria,
  • Accounting standards and
  • the Sarbanes-Oxley Act