A Complete Document Management Solution

EBA DMS is a Document Management System

for paper-free operation in business, organizations and administration services.

Process Oversight

Documentation processes in EBA DMS document management system become much more efficient since you always know where documents are and for how long.

Employing AI for better OCR

State of art text recognition. This EBA DMS features saves us a lot of time and eliminates many erroneous entries in ERP.

B2B Documents Exchange

Exchange documents with your business partners over various world-wide used B2B protocols and XML standards.

Integration with other Software

Easily integrate EBA DMS with your existing software to fully digitize your business.

Save Time and Money

Process documents easier and faster, no manual retyping. All data transfers are automated na You are always on time.

Mobile Signature

Sign your documents remotely. Enable your business to operate on the field and extend your reach.

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Capturing Documents in EBA DMS

Document capture

Nowdays documents come from many sources – beside paper, we receive documents by email, from other software applications in organization (e.g. ERP, CRM, Web browser), etc.

To cover all possible situations EBA DMS document management system supports various sources for document capture.

  • Advanced scanning with OCR
  • Capture from EBA Printer
  • Recieve via Exchange protocols (IMAP, MS Exchange, etc.)
  • Drag&Drop document into System

Advanced OCR – Employing AI for better recognition

  • Artificial Intelligence - EBA DMS OCR is made with the help of findings and technologies in the field of artificial intelligence.
  • Advanced Neural Networks - EBA DMS OCR uses state-of-the-art findings from neural networks to recognise text.
  • Machine Learning - EBA DMS OCR uses machine learning algorithms to identify documents (templates) and for functionality that can read line items from documents (e.g. invoice line items). We use reinforcement learning techniques to improve template and items recognition.
Exchange rules in EBA DMS

Automated Workflows and Time Notifications

Many of the organization ongoing processes are defined by rules. Rules very exactly defines who signs or confirms what and at what stage.

EBA DMS gives us the power to enter the existing rules of the organization into document management system. These rules allows us to automate the whole process or just stages of the process which allows you to speed-up the process.

  • Setup document rules
  • Automate whole document process
  • Reduce manual labor

B2B, B2G and B2C Document Exchange

EBA DMS does not support only EDI data-exchange. EBA DMS is new generation B2B Document Exchange software enabling customers to exchange legally valid digitally signed documents with visualization.

When sending e-inovices or any other type of documents EBA DMS digitally signs the PDF and the data.

When receiving digitally signed e-invoices EBA DMS checks the validity of digital signature. All of this functionality is provided out-of-the box.

  • IMAP, SMTP, AS2 and MS Exhange
  • Exchange via Web Services
  • B2G document exchange
Exchange Protocols in EBA DMS

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EBA DMS Feature Matrix
  • Optical document scanning with OCR
  • Advanced OCR (item capture)
  • Document capture
  • Document Exchange (B2B,B2C,B2G)
  • Workflow Automation
  • Time rules and notifications
  • Retention Policy
  • Advanced Search
  • Advanced Search+
  • MS Office and Libre Office Integration
  • API Integration
  • Developer Tools
  • e-forms creation
  • Signature on Signing Pad
  • Web Interface
  • Mobile Application (iOS, Android)
  • Mobile Signature
  • Digital Asset Management