Career: Independent Development Engineer in Application Development

Career: Independent Development Engineer in Application Development

Are you interested to work in excellent IT conmpany to develop high-tech software? If you are student of maths, physics or computer science and:

  • if you are creative and are your life-goals to create something new,
  • if you are a liaison and you like to work on various development projects and thus strengthen your knowledge and competences,
  • if you want to participate in developing products in digitalisation
  • if work on base development means passion and the realization of life’s dreams
  • if you, among above things, know how to program language C/C++, Javascript or similar, objective programming and knowledge of database operations,

you are welcome to contact us immediately! We would like to ask you to job interview.

Send your interess to Mr. Dušan Pavčnik, CEO assistant on e-mail address:

Who we are?

EBA d.o.o. is an IT company with the highest value in knowledge. All development, the whole EBA DMS (document management system) product, which is our market product, is the result of our own knowledge.

Today, EBA DMS is a reference in the wider region. We compete with the biggest in the world.

In 2018 we received the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia Award for outstanding economic and entrepreneurial achievements.

We are especially distinguished by:

  • We have built the reputation of the EBA DMS brand on the wealth of knowledge

  • Our innovative business model has enabled us to gain a large number of subscribers at home and abroad,

  • 85% of our clients at home and abroad have a 3A and 2A excellence rating; this enables us to have a stable business

  • We have AAA Gold and SME Excellent Gold Excellence credit rating

  • Constant revenue growth, averaging between 10-20% annually

  • More than 1/4 of the revenue represents exports that are still increasing; In recent years, we have achieved a 40% growth in export

  • Very good added value per employee

  • 80% of employees have a master’s, master’s or doctoral degree

  • Wages are among the companies with the highest average salary in the industry

  • Payment of business performance awards

  • our employees are our investment (individual treatment, permanent employment, enhancement of competences, learning and experimentation ..)

  • development of our product is based on continuous improvement and enabling of modern use (web and mobile use)

  • organizational culture, structure, philosophy, clear vision and strategy

  • etc…